The Manor House of Biały Domek is the hotel facility located in Smardzewice at the Sulejowski Lagoon, whose history started during the “Harvest Festival” in 1929. President Ignacy Mościcki selected some other place for harvest festival in place of Spała, namely, a small village located at Pilicą near Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Our reception has a commemorative plague from that event. Currently, we offer 26 hotel beds in 13 comfortably furnished rooms with bathrooms. Guests appreciate our restaurant for dishes composed out of products of the highest quality obtained from carefully selected local suppliers. All the dishes served by us are prepared in our Manor House. We use only natural spices for their production.
Our pub always offers a variety of regional beers, meads as well as wines and liqueurs. Thanks to its compact dimensions we are able to devote our time to all the guests. The Manor House is located 600 meters from the Sulejowski Lagoon, which allows experiencing its charm in the summertime with a simultaneous escape from the hustle and bustle of the Lagoon during the high season time. An additional attraction refers to the opportunity to explore numerous walking and cycle lanes around the Sulejowski Lagoon as well as in the surrounding forests. Heading to the south, we will reach the town of Sulejów. Going to the north through forest paths we will reach Spała, and subsequently Inowłodz. Additionally, we encourage you to take part in canoeing rallies along the picturesque river of Pilica which are highly prized by our guests. For the youngest guests, we offer the playground with the local almost white sand that the best beaches of the world could envy us. Looking for our place in the world we try to create the place where the time slows down.