The restaurant of the Biały Domek Manor House located in the vicinity of the Sulejowski Lagoon in the place of Smardzewice serves dishes taking care of every single detail. Starting from selected components, through ideal preparation and perfect manner of presentation. Our kitchen is season-based, and ingredients for our dishes are carefully selected. Our main suppliers are local manufacturers from the vicinity of such places as Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Spała, Sulejów and Smardzewice. The Manor House’s kitchen does not resort to ready-made bases or taste enhancers. Numerous ingredients of our dishes come from local fields and forests. We take all the efforts to guarantee that the high number of ingredients for our dishes (chanterelle, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, and quince) are obtained from natural habitats.
Moreover, we organize also cozy special parties such as: Christening, Communion, name days, birthdays and jubilees.
The specialty of our restaurant refers to grilled pork fillets served together with morel and beetroots caramelized in Smardzewice honey.
Moreover, our lemonades prepared from seasonal fruit are highly valued.
Let our cuisine charm you …