The first Ice Arena in Poland is a completely new multi-functional facility, which was opened in December 2017.

The facility is adapted to organize national and international sports competitions. Meets the requirements of organizing concerts and exhibitions. The capacity of the Ice Arena is 292,000 m3. In addition to the long track, the facility has a hockey field, fully equipped conference rooms and a room for general warm-up. As part of the investment, there are also folding pitches for volleyball (18x9m), handball (20x40m), basketball (28x15m), tennis courts and a tartan treadmill. Fixed and folding stands can accommodate about 3,000 viewers.

Speed skating is firmly rooted in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. No one needs to be introduced to such outstanding athletes as: Stanisława Wąchała, Wiesław Kmiecik, Jaromir Radke and Paweł Abratkiewicz. Currently in Tomaszów Mazowiecki is training a group of young, very promising speed skaters with Olympic representative Karolina Bosiek. It is anticipated that at least a few of them, at the next Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, will win medals for the Republic of Poland.

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